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Personal Chef Services
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Personal Chef Services
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Personal Chef Services

CooK’s personal chef services include the following:

Menu Planning
I take the time to understand what you truly enjoy eating! What are your favorite foods, flavors and cuisine? Do you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies? No problem. Prior to cooking for you, I personally meet with you to discuss your food tastes and needs. Based upon this information, I develop a customized menu for your approval. Whether you hunger for homey fare or gourmet delights, all meals are prepared with attention to nutritional value and balance.

Grocery Shopping
I truly believe that great food depends almost entirely on superb ingredients. On the morning I cook for you, I search the markets of your choice to acquire the finest and freshest produce, meat and seafood to use when preparing your meals.

Meal Preparation, Packaging and Clean-up
Using all of my own cooking equipment, I prepare, package, label and store your meals. I leave you with simple heating instructions, a stocked refrigerator and freezer, and a clean kitchen full of wonderful aromas.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What food will you prepare for me?
A. Whenever I cook for a client, I take the time to create a customized menu that considers your family's special tastes and dietary needs. Whether you have food allergies, prefer low carb or low cholesterol cooking, or just don't like the taste of a certain spice, I am prepared to completely tailor my menu selections to ensure you are 100% excited about each dish I prepare for you.

Q. How often will you cook for me?
A. I have weekly, bi-weekly and monthly clients, as well as others who call me on an as needed basis. The frequency that I cook for you is completely determined by you.

Q. What kitchen equipment do I need to supply?
A. You just need to provide a working oven and stove, clear countertops and sink, and space in your freezer to store the food I prepare. I will supply everything else – from the pots, pans, utensils and spices to the packaging!

Q. How is the food packaged?
A. A majority of the food is packaged in disposable “take-out” style containers that can go directly from refrigerator/freezer to the oven and microwave – greatly limiting any after-dinner cleanup on your part!

Q. Where will you shop for my groceries?
A. I will shop wherever you’d like me to!

Q. Do I need to be home when you cook for me?
A. I am happy to let myself into your home while you are at work or doing errands. Alternatively, if you or your family members are home on the day I cook, that is fine too.

Q. Do you have to cook in my home? Can you cook my meals in your home and drop them off?
A. For safety and sanitation reasons, the Massachusetts Board of Health requires me to prepare your food in your home.

Q. What is the cost of the service?
A. I charge a service fee plus groceries for the service. The fee is determined by the volume of food I prepare. Please contact CooK for additional pricing information.

Q. Do you accommodate special diets?
A. Yes, I am happy to work with any special dietary needs. I currently have many clients who follow low fat or low carb diets where I enjoy modifying recipes to meet their specific dietary needs.

Q. Do you prepare food for parties and other special events?
A. Yes I do! Why not feel like a guest at the next special occasion you host? Allow CooK to plan a menu to fit any occasion, grocery shop for the best ingredients, and prepare delicious food that will be ready to serve when your guests arrive. Please contact CooK to discuss the details!

Q. Do you offer gift certificates?
A. Yes I do! Please contact CooK to arrange for a gift certificate to be sent to that special someone.

Q. How long has CooK been in business?
A. CooK has been in business since 2001.

Client Testimonials
“ I have been very pleased with Cindy. She makes delicious, creative food and yet is flexible and mindful of my family needs (3 growing children, 2 of whom are teenagers and picky eaters!). We usually communicate via email, working out the menu and then she comes to cook while I am at work. The only way I know that she has been at my house is the wonderful smells that are left behind and a freezer full of dinners – she’s very neat and her packing of dinners is extremely efficient with easy to use directions. I would highly recommend that you try her service! We are hooked!” Carol, Wayland, MA

“You are such a pleasure to have around and we love everything that you do!!! Many thanks again, for making our lives more delicious.” Betsy, Weston, MA